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Loan Programs

Pennant Financial works with small and middle market operating companies and real estate investors to provide financing from non bank lending sources. We offer a full menu of loan programs whose rates are competitive with traditional bank financing.

At Pennant, our investors are business people who lend money and understand that not all business owners have a bankable credit or want to use traditional bank financing. Our goal is to match the clients’ financing requirements with our best available loan programs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who Uses Pennant Financial?
Pennant receives referrals from banks, accountants, lawyers, and financial advisors. This group relies on the integrity, success and talent of Pennant Financial’s combined 100 years of experience in the non-bank lending arena.
Our referral sources entrust Pennant Financial to provide for their clients’ commercial financing requirements.

Who Do We Help?
We have been most successful with companies and real estate investors who do not qualify for traditional bank financing for a myriad of reasons. For example, recent losses, over leverage, a covenant violation, or the type of property and its use.

Why Choose Pennant Financial?
Pennant Financial offers a full menu of financial products that are competitive with bank rates. We specialize in small and middle market operating companies. Additionally, we provide commercial mortgages for borrowers that are not bankable credits.

Are Pennant Financial’s rates competitive?
Yes!!! Very much so! More importantly, our investors are business people that lend money and are familiar with many different situations.

What Are Pennant Financial’s Lending Practices?
We only take applications from companies or individuals whose requirements are appropriate for our investor’s criteria.

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